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Automation Conveyor Systems

Dorner’s conveyors are designed to move product to the exact location, at the exact time and in the exact position it needs to be for the next phase of the production line. This extremely accurate product control allows Dorner conveyors to easily integrate with robots, workers and equipment.

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Our highly advanced Precision Move Pallet System for assembly automation is ideal for increasing efficiency, generation, and precision of pallet traffic. Additionally, it reduces downtime costs that could disrupt production.

Best For:

  • Medium to large sized part movement
  • Product routing and control
  • Product inspection
  • Assembly automation

Sizes & Measurements

  • Widths: 160, 240, 320, 400, and 480 mm
  • Lengths: Up to 24′ 7″ (7,500 mm)

Loads and Speeds

  • Conveyor Load Capacity
  • 500 lbs non-accumulating
  • 250 lbs accumulated
  • Pallet capacity of 30 to 70 lbs
  • Speeds up to 114 ft/min (34 m/min)
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