AquaGard 7100 Conveyors

  • AquaGard 7100 Series Stainless Steel Conveyor
    Industry ready stainless steel flexible chain conveyor.
  • AquaGard 7100 Curved Conveyor
    Multiple curves can be utilized for maximum flexibility.
  • 7100 Series Powered Transfer
    Powered transfer provides smooth in line transition of small parts.
  • AquaGard 7100 Elevation Changing Conveyor
    The AquaGard 7100 supports elevation changes through incline and decline modules up to 30 degrees.
  • 7100 Series Fully Adjustable Guiding
    Fully adjustable and stainless high side guiding available.
  • AquaGard 7100 Conveyor without Stand
    Constructed with FDA approved plastics and 300 series stainless steel.
  • 7100 Series Idler Tail
    Idler tail has flush design for side transfers and bearings are located inboard.
  • 7100 Series Side Transfer
    Side transfer module provides capability for product transfers with conveyors side by side.
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Benefits of 7100 AquaGard Conveyor:

  • Best for: packaging, bottling, dry food processing, part handling, long lengths, accumulation and buffering
  • Smooth frame design for ease of cleaning
  • Capable of multiple curves as well as inclines and declines on a single conveyor
  • Bolt together construction for modularity and future add-ons
  • Innovative transfer options
    • Powered transfers
    • Standard tails side to side transfer
    • Side transfer modules

General Specifications

  • 300 Series Stainless Steel
  • All Materials are FDA Approved Plastics or Stainless Steel
  • Chain Widths: 4 ½”, 7 ½”, 10″ and 12″
  • Low Friction, Friction Insert, & Roller Top Chain Available.
  • Load Capacity to 700 lbs
  • Speed Capacity to 222 ft/min
  • Lengths up to 100 ft
  • Wheel Bend Corners Available for 4 ½” Width – Radius = 8″ on Centerline
  • Incline / Decline Modules up to 30 Degrees
  • Fully Adjustable, Stainless High Sides, and Adjustable Outboard Guides Available
  • Powered & Roller Transfers
  • Plain Bend Corners with 24″ on Centerline Radius


  • Long Conveyor Runs
  • Fast Belt Speeds
  • Inclines/Declines
  • Best Product Transfers
  • Ships in Sub Assemblies
  • Compact Drive Module
  • Highest Quality Components

Manuals & Literature

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Engineering Manuals Pages File Size
AquaGard 7100 Series Engineering Manual 36 6.2 MB


 Literature Pages File Size
 Sanitary Conveyors Line Card  6  5.97 MB
AquaGard 7100 Series Brochure  4  1.4 MB