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Elevate Your Operations with montratec®

Unleashing Efficiency Through Innovation

Experience the future of internal transport operations and assembly processes with montratec’s cutting-edge solutions. Our modular montrac® monorail system is designed to revolutionize the way you manage production processes, offering unprecedented flexibility and efficiency.

montrac® Advantages​


The modular montrac® components adapt to a wide range of product sizes and production volumes. Pre-configured and pre-tested modules ensure fast system installation and minimize downtime, and the independence of the modules allows for easy reconfiguration and expansion.


The combination of high-quality materials, individual drives, passive Trac, and monitoring technology helps to minimize maintenance costs, increase system availability, and optimize the overall system performance.


Each montrac® component is carefully crafted to ensure the highest level of quality for customers. With cleanroom-rated designs and intelligent transportation controls, these monorail systems will help ensure product quality and efficiency throughout the production process.


The key to shock-free transport lies in the montrac® intelligent, real-time shuttle speed control. Each shuttle is equipped with an advanced distance sensor that continuously monitors the distance to obstacles in front, allowing for speed adjustments based on the distance and speed of other shuttles on the track. 


The montrac® system, featuring continuous grounding, is perfectly suited for the demanding ESD requirements of the electronics industry. The system fulfills the requirements of DIN EN61340-5-1.


The montrac® intelligent transport system contributes to energy efficiency in product transport thanks to its variable speed capabilities and energy optimization. This system reduces energy consumption and saves resources while still maintaining high operational efficiency.

, montratec Conveyor Solutions

Seamless Automation for Your Production Lines

Transform your production lines with the power of process sequencing technology. Request information on how montrac® can elevate your automation capabilities.


, montratec Conveyor Solutions

Material Transport

In processes optimized down to the last second, montrac® maximizes material throughput and provides exceptional system stability. The added flexibility and modular design make this system an efficient intralogistics solution.

, montratec Conveyor Solutions

Process Sequencing

Through flexible process interlinking and just-in-time transport capabilities, the montrac® system optimizes automated process sequencing even in complex transport tasks in confined spaces and over multiple floors. .

, montratec Conveyor Solutions

Cleanroom Environments

Rated for ISO 5 and 7 cleanrooms, the montrac® is an ideal solution for electronics and semiconductor manufacturing. The gummed drive rollers and low monorail contact ensure minimal abrasion and particle emissions. 



, montratec Conveyor Solutions

Rail Systems

, montratec Conveyor Solutions


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, montratec Conveyor Solutions


, montratec Conveyor Solutions

Customer Focused Solutions

Understanding that each customer has their own individual intralogistics and process system requirements is the first step in creating customer-focused solutions. Through customized solutions that raise the bar when it comes to simplicity, reliability, flexibility, and efficiency, the montratec team strives to continuously develop intelligent transport technology to help move businesses into the future.

Friedrich Deutsch Metallwerk Case Study

See how montratec helped Austrian-based Friedrich Deutsch Metallwork in interlinking processes and automating their packaging systems with montrac®.

Revolutionize Your Operations

Explore the advantages of montrac® and how it can revolutionize your workflow. Request information now and take the first step towards smarter and more efficient operations.

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