2200 Precision Move Belting

Belt Type

1P Low Friction

3P High Friction

2T High Strength

 Belt Specifications Low Friction  High Friction High Strength
 Tooth Pitch 10 mm  10 mm 10mm
Thickness 0.175 (4.5)  0.175 (4.5)  0.180 (4.6)
Material Urethane with nylon top  Urethane  Urethane with Kevlar cords
 Top Surface Carcass  Smooth Smooth
 Color  Green  White Clear
 Max. Part Temperature  195˚F (91˚C)  195˚F (91˚C)  160˚F (71˚C)
 Coefficient of Friction Very Low  High Med
 Durometer N/A  85A 88A
 FDA Approved  x
 Chemical Resistance  Good  Good Good
 Max. Width  24 (610)  24 (610)  6 (152)