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Automation Conveyor Systems

Dorner’s conveyors are designed to move product to the exact location, at the exact time and in the exact position it needs to be for the next phase of the production line. This extremely accurate product control allows Dorner conveyors to easily integrate with robots, workers and equipment.

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Increase Throughput and Efficiency with a Tote Handling System

Recently, a pharmaceutical company came to Dorner looking for a system that would increase the throughput of their operation. Pharmacists and technicians were manually carrying totes between various order filling stations and the area for verifying and packing. The company needed a way to automate this process and increase efficiency.

To meet this request, Dorner created a three-level system that allows the totes, carrying various prescription medications, to move through the pharmacy automatically. Operators are positioned at several workstations throughout the system where prescription filling robots are located.

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FlexMove Solutions


Helix Conveyors


Dorner’s FlexMove Helix Conveyor’s unique, flexible design provides greater flexibility in layout. The small footprint maximizes valuable floor space while the patented side roller chain reduces corner friction allowing for faster speeds and smooth product handling.

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Wedge Elevators

Wedge elevators are ideal for environments requiring compact footprints, transitions between travel orientations, de-pucking operations and creating passageways on the production floor. The wedge elevators rapid transfer rate make them ideal for continuous high capacity operations such as packaging lines.

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Twist Conveyors


Dorner’s FlexMove conveyors are high-performance, flexible, modular chain conveyors. The SmartFlex twist allows the product to be rotated 90 degrees as it moves along the conveyor.

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