4 Reasons to Attend Spring Tradeshows: Pack Expo East and WestPack Live Demos

Dorner Conveyors Trade Shows Spring 22


Technology and machinery solutions have changed a lot in the last year and Pack Expo East and West Pack will be two of the first opportunities to see Dorner’s new conveyor solutions live and in-person.

Why Attend?

  • See machinery in action, in person. This lets you assess the quality up front and envision how equipment will fit into your line.
  • Get answers to your questions on the spot enabling you to zero in on the perfect solution for your challenge.
  • Move projects forward faster. Whether you’re looking into automation, e-commerce, sustainability initiatives or something else, you’ll find solutions faster by attending.
  • Discover solutions you didn’t know existed. You can’t Google a technology you don’t know to look for—but you can encounter it on the show floor.

What is Dorner Showcasing?

FlexMove Flexible Conveyors

FlexMove Flexible Chain Conveyor


The FlexMove line are high performance, aluminum, flexible chain conveyors designed for complex configurations, elevation changes and tight spaces. They are available in three purchasing options based on the customer’s application and situation: FlexMove Components, FlexMove Solutions and FlexMove Assembled Onsite. Learn More



Pallet System Conveyor ERT150

ERT150 Pallet System

ERT 150 Pallet System

The second evolution in Dorner’s Edge Roller Technology conveyor platform, the ERT150, is ideal for small and light-load assembly automation, as well as medical and medical-device assembly application. The ERT systems use rollers to move pallet conveyors smoothly with no friction (a byproduct often seen in belt-driven platforms). Learn More.



AquaPruf LPZ Dorner Conveyor

AquaPruf LPZ Conveyor

AquaPruf LPZ

The AquaPruf LPZ style conveyor is designed with one or two fixed angle points that allow the conveyor to accommodate a variety of height and angle requirements. The AquaPruf LPZ Series platform gives customers a conveyor system with all the sanitary advantages of fast and effective cleaning, with the flexibility of moving product up an incline or down a decline to best fit their needs. Learn More.



AquaGard LP (Low Profile) Conveyor

AquaGard LP (Low Profile) Conveyor

AquaGard LP

The AquaGard LP (low profile) is the latest reiteration in the AquaGard sanitary conveyor platform. It is specifically designed to fit in tight spaces, making it the ideal sanitary conveyor for dry or wipedown applications within the packaging, pharmaceutical, confectionary, bakery and other packaged food industries. Learn More.



To see how all these conveyor platforms can help your material handling applications or discuss your custom conveyor needs, make plans to visit Dorner at Pack Expo East or WestPack this Spring, or contact us today.