Is an Alpine Conveyor Right for Your Application?

, Is an Alpine Conveyor Right for Your Application?

In most facilities, space is a premium, and conveyor location is often dependent on machinery and facility design.

Dorner’s Alpine Conveyors are commonly used as an accumulation or elevating buffer zones between machines or as a process step for cooling or drying. They can also be used for line balancing or product changeover purposes.

Alpines can be configured as an elevating/lowering system with a single or double serpentine configuration. Uses include an in-line accumulator with entry and exit at different levels, or an in-line or off-line accumulator with entry and exit at the same level. See below for additional application possibilities.


Possible Applications for Alpine Conveyors:

  • Product buffering during machine maintenance
  • Use of vertical space when there is not enough floor space to accumulate more product
  • Product movement at different levels
  • Downstream product flow avoiding a bottleneck in your process
  • Drying, cooling & curing time
  • Product being produced needs more time for process or testing
  • Product cycling/batching or to store product while another is being dispatched
  • Reduce the forces working on a product when accumulating
  • Serves as a walk thru/line access for product to divert onto

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