Automate 2024 Booth Preview

, Automate 2024 Booth Preview

It’s that time of year again for Automate! This year, the Dorner team is excited to join our new Conveyance Group partner, montratec, in a one-of-a-kind display demonstrating the most comprehensive range of automation and pallet system conveyors available today. Here’s a quick look at what you can expect to see when you visit Dorner at Booth 1224 at Automate 2024.

DualMove Pallet System: Revolutionizing Pallet Handling

The DualMove is our newest pallet system, featuring twin timing belts to precisely transport and position pallets throughout complex automated and manual production lines. The modular design and low-profile frame make this pallet conveyor easy to customize and adjust to fit the application’s unique needs. Whether stacking conveyors for a compact but high output line or running it through a machine for robotic interfacing, the DualMove is an ideal solution. With newly improved modules and corner assemblies, DualMove can efficiently transport a wide range of product sizes and weights at high speeds through production lines.

Key features of the DualMove™ Pallet System include:

  • Dual T10 timing belt conveyors with steel cords – low friction, medium friction, and static conductive options available
  • Quick belt change without conveyor removal
  • Static conductive pallet skirts
  • Simple and cost-effective pin tracking system
  • Rated for 30-100 lbs per pallet, and speeds up to 215 fpm

FlexMove Pallet System: Flexible Small Parts Handling

Dorner’s FlexMove Pallet System is part of the highly flexible and customizable FlexMove conveyor series. With effective pallet and puck handling for small product conveyance, this versatile conveyor is engineered for product routing, control, and inspection in small- to medium-size assembly automation applications.

The FlexMove line is sold as completed assemblies or as kits. It offers users layout flexibility and the ability to implement easy conveyor system design changes to adapt to their business’s evolving needs. Modules include merge and divert, lift and locate stations, cushioned pallet stops, and a unique pin tracking system to guide pallets through 90° turns – all of which attach directly to the conveyor frame without modifications.

Benefits of the FlexMove Pallet System:

  • Widest range of modules for complete customization in production line design
  • Flexible chain design capable of multiple curves and elevation changes on the same line
  • Pallets can be purchased as completed assemblies or as kits, allowing the end user to fabricate own top plate for precise product mounting
  • Automation system that improves efficiency and generation lowers downtime and increases accuracy in product movement

ERT®150 & ERT®250: Edge Roller Technology for Clean Pallet Handling

The Edge Roller Technology unique to the ERT®150 and ERT®250 utilizes durable, individually driven rollers to move pallets smoothly without friction or jamming (a byproduct often seen in belt-driven platforms). The ERT’s patent-pending gearbox design facilitates easy reconfiguration in the field for custom zoning and flexibility as production needs shift. This pallet conveyor series is ideal for progressive assembly applications for pallet or tray handling, no- and low-back pressure accumulation, assembly automation, and cleanroom applications* such as medical products or electronics manufacturing.

ERT Pallet System Benefits

  • Non-contact zone control eliminates pallet stops and costly pneumatic valves
  • Gears, drive shaft, and gear motor can be repositioned in the field
  • The drive shaft can be moved to any roller zone and relocated to the lower height for added product clearance
  • Static conductive HPDE pallet skirt
  • Low-voltage brushless DC motors save space and provide improved efficiency


The ERT®150 is designed for small and light-load assembly automation, pharmaceutical processing, and medical-device manufacturing applications. The unique design of this pallet conveyor eliminates particle buildup caused by belt friction, making it an ideal solution for cleanroom applications*. The ERT®150 can easily integrate with robotics in applications with the highest precision, such as pharmaceutical production and electronics manufacturing.


The ERT®250 features a new electric lift and transfer module using the same controllers that operate the conveyor for easy integration. Additionally, 24-volt DC controls with networking capabilities aid conveyor integration into automated assembly and inspection processes. The high load capacity and a wide variety of automatic and manual modules also provide ergonomic benefits for manual assembly lines, where assisted positioning of heavy products eases the physical strain on the production staff.

montrac® Conveyor Solutions: Optimize Your Material Flow

In addition to our cutting-edge solutions, montratec’s innovative montrac® monorail shuttle conveyor will also be displayed. montratec specializes in advanced shuttle conveyor systems that optimize material flow and enhance automation processes. The innovative monorail conveyor system features an efficient, low-profile design capable of transporting product at high speeds throughout various steps in production and even across multiple facility floors.

Key benefits of montratec Conveyor Solutions include:

  • Modular Design: montratec’s conveyor systems are built with a modular design, allowing for easy installation, customization, and expansion to meet evolving needs.
  • Versatility: From assembly lines to distribution centers, montratec offers conveyor solutions for a wide range of industries and applications.
  • Efficiency: With features such as quick-change components and intelligent control systems, the montrac® system is designed to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime.
  • Reliability: Built to the highest quality standards, montratec conveyor systems deliver reliable performance, ensuring continuous operation even in demanding environments.

Elevate Your Automated Production line with Pallet Conveyor Solutions from Dorner and montratec

At Dorner, we’re committed to helping you bring your production line into the future with industry-leading automated conveyance solutions. Whether you’re looking to streamline pallet handling with our DualMove Pallet System or optimize material flow with montratec’s Conveyor Solutions, we have the innovative solutions you need to succeed.

Don’t miss your chance to see our latest conveyance technology in action at Automate 2024 in Chicago, Illinois, May 6-9. Visit Dorner’s conveyor experts at Booth 1224 to learn more and discover how we can help you achieve your automation goals.


*To verify clean room requirements, an unloaded base conveyor was tested and did not generate particulate that would be beyond the specified standards.  However, the verification does not provide assurance that any or all applications will meet this requirement.  Application testing is recommended to ensure clean room standards are being met.  Dorner takes no responsibility in the clean room performance of the final conveyor or application.