Beverage Packaging Solution Takes Wine Bottles for a Spin

On a past project, a customer had problems consistently sealing the bottles of wine they produced. The challenge was to evenly apply heat all around the seal at the top of the bottle.  Their solution was to use a Dorner 2200 Series conveyor in conjunction with the mainline chain conveyor. The 2200 conveyor was mounted on its side running parallel with the main line conveyor. Using a high friction Dorner Type 64 belt, the conveyor effectively spun the bottle one full revolution as it passed through the heat tunnel, thus allowing the process to apply heat evenly around the entire seal.

Sometimes it takes some outside-of-the-box thinking to solve a problem.  If you have an idea and you’d like to bounce it off an experienced Dorner engineer, call 800-351-8712 or visit the Conveyor Applications Hotline page on our website.