Center Top Guide Provides Lane Control on FlexMove Conveyor


Dorner Asia recently worked with an automotive machine maker in Malaysia to integrate a conveyor with a robot for a pick and place system.

The application required two lanes of pucks that would be running in a loop. Dorner was able to create two lanes on one conveyor using custom guiding including a center top guide.

The top guide in the middle ensures that the center to center pitch of the pucks stays consistent around the corners.

FlexMove Conveyor

The base conveyor is a FlexMove FL 150 mm Conveyor. The conveyor features a top running loop which creates a continuous circuit of conveyance. Top running loops are ideal for puck handling applications as well as pallet systems and small manufacturing cells.

In the final system, a stopper module will hold the pucks in place at a certain point on the loop for scanning. A robot will then unload them to another machine for further processing.


Application During Test Stage

The video below shows the application before the stopper module was added.

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