Pack Expo Booth Preview 4: Innovative Material Handling Solutions

, Pack Expo Booth Preview 4: Innovative Material Handling Solutions

One more week until the highly anticipated Pack Expo 2023! Automated material handling is taking over the packaging and manufacturing industries, and Dorner’s innovative conveyance systems are at the forefront of future material handling technology. The final conveyor systems on display in Dorner’s booth bring together the low-profile frame, versatility, and durability that Dorner Conveyors are known for.

2200 Series Low Profile Conveyor

Dorner’s flagship 2200 series conveyor is the pinnacle of integrated conveyor systems. The low-profile frame, customizable drive placement, and easy accessory mounting make this conveyor ideal for various applications, from small parts transfers to machine integration and automated assembly.

General Specifications:

  • Widths: 44-610 mm (1.75-24″)
  • Lengths: 457-7315 mm (1.5-24′)
  • Loads up to 54 kg (120 lbs)
  • Speeds up to 122mpm (400 fpm)

Material Handling Loop

Two of Dorner’s newest conveyor systems are designed to meet logistics, e-commerce, and material handling industries’ unique needs. With medium to heavy-duty capabilities and durable construction, our 2700 Medium Duty and DCMove conveyor systems are perfect for any material handling application.

2700 Medium Duty

Bridging the gap between the low-profile 2200 series and the heavy-duty 3200 series, the 2700 Medium Duty conveyor offers a higher width-to-length ratio and increased load capacity. The 2700 provides greater versatility for e-commerce operations looking for mainline conveyor solutions and lightweight AMR-mounted conveyors.

Benefits of the 2700:

  • Increased weight rating up to 150 lbs
  • Width increase from 24″ to 36″ available in 2″ increments
  • Compatible with most stands, guiding, components, and accessories, such as the 2200 Series
  • Integrated motor inside conveyor creates clean sides and maximizes belt coverage
  • Lightweight aluminum frame maximizes carrying capacity of AMRs

DCMove Painted Steel Conveyor

For the greatest durability in material handling, printing, and labeling, Dorner’s team has created the DCMove. This new conveyor system features a painted steel frame with flush sides, maximizing carrying capacity and efficiency. The DCMove has various belting options, including fabric or high-friction PVC for added durability.

DCMove Features:

  • Painted steel construction for the most cost-competitive package conveyance
  • V-guide belt tracking and easy belt tensioning
  • Maximized belt widths up to 1219 mm (48″)
  • Loads up to 181 kg (400 lbs)
  • Sealed-for-life internal bearings

ERT250 Pallet Conveyor

Finally, we will display our innovative edge roller technology in the ERT250 Pallet System. With a patent-pending gearbox and open frame design, this pallet conveyor eliminates the risk of jamming and particulate buildup frequently seen in traditional belted conveyors. These features make the ERT250 ideal for automated and manual assembly and inspection and cleanroom applications.

General Specifications:

  • Pallet widths from 320-800 mm
  • Static conductive HPDE pallet skirt
  • Loads up to 114 kg (250 lbs)
  • Speeds up to 37mpm (121 fpm)
  • Non-contact zone control & low back pressure accumulation

Don’t miss the opportunity to see Dorner’s Conveyors in Action

There’s still time to register for Pack Expo 2023. This year promises to be one of the best shows in recent years, with new technology to bring the packaging and manufacturing industry into the future. Be sure to visit Dorner and Garvey at booth C-1455 to see our top-of-the-line conveyor solutions in person.