Sustainable Conveyor Solutions: Dorner is Leading the Way in Energy Efficiency

sustainable conveyor solutions from dorner

In today’s rapidly evolving industrial landscape, sustainability and energy efficiency are no longer mere buzzwords but fundamental principles driving innovative solutions. Companies across various industries are increasingly looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact while maintaining operational efficiency. At Dorner, we strive to position ourselves as a pioneer in providing sustainable and energy-efficient conveyor systems that cater to the evolving needs of modern businesses.


Commitment to Sustainability

Dorner has made a steadfast commitment to sustainability, evident in our mission to design and produce conveyor systems that not only excel in performance but also minimize the overall ecological footprint. We recognize that manufacturers must adapt to environmental challenges and embrace eco-friendly practices to ensure long-term success.


Through our product design, manufacturing processes, and choice of materials, we strive to not only maintain environmentally friendly and energy-efficient practices in our facilities but also offer conveyance systems that will help our customers improve their sustainability as well. Our team is continually seeking ways to optimize conveyors to reduce energy consumption and enhance operational efficiency while adhering to the principles of environmental responsibility.


Energy-Efficient Conveyor Technologies

iDrive2 with OneMotions Magnetic Drive Motor

Dorner’s conveyors incorporate cutting-edge technologies that focus on energy efficiency without compromising performance. One of our latest innovations is the use of OneMotion’s mag-drive motors in our new iDrive2 rollers, which have become a perfect companion for the AquaPruf series conveyors.


OneMotion revolutionize the traditional conveyor drive systems by utilizing magnetic drive technology, thus eliminating the need for chains, belts, and other mechanical components. This reduction in moving parts significantly decreases friction and energy losses, leading to higher energy efficiency and reduced maintenance requirements. As a result, businesses can experience substantial cost savings over the conveyor’s lifespan.


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AquaPruf Conveyors: Sustainable by Design

The AquaPruf series of conveyors from Dorner is a testament to Dorner’s commitment to sustainability. These stainless-steel conveyors are specially designed for industries with stringent sanitary and hygienic requirements, such as food and pharmaceuticals. With unique features such as tip-up-tails and belt lifters, AquaPruf conveyors are engineered for fast and efficient line changeovers. Additionally, the open frame design and quick cleaning features allow operators to use less water during the cleaning process while still ensuring the line is properly sanitized.


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Eco-Friendly Materials and Practices

In addition to innovative technologies, Dorner prioritizes the use of eco-friendly materials in our conveyor manufacturing processes. We actively seek out sustainable options and responsible suppliers to minimize the environmental impact of our operations.


By employing environmentally friendly materials and reducing waste in our production cycles, Dorner contributes to the circular economy and demonstrates a commitment to a greener future.


ESG Commitment from the Top Down

We are proud to be a part of Columbus McKinnon Corporation, who have ceaselessly displayed their commitment to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and governance (ESG). Through efforts to convert facilities to more energy-efficient operations, increased recycling programs, and overall emission reductions, CMCO is leading the way for each of their brands and customers to maintain environmentally friendly practices in every area of their business.


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Invest in the Future with Conveyor Solutions from Dorner

Dorner’s dedication to sustainability and energy efficiency sets a remarkable example for other companies in the conveyor manufacturing industry. Our integration of OneMotion’s mag-drive motors into Aquapruf conveyors and the use of eco-friendly materials underscore a forward-thinking approach to sustainable business practices.


By investing in Dorner’s conveyor solutions, businesses can not only enhance their operational efficiency but also contribute to a cleaner and greener planet. As sustainability continues to be a crucial driver of success in the modern world, Dorner stands at the forefront, providing reliable and environmentally responsible solutions for industries worldwide.