Flexible Conveying Solutions for Industrial Environments

Flexible Conveying Solutions for Industrial Environments

Experience a whole new level of material handling

High-performance conveyors are designed specifically to improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and increase accuracy. Not only that, but they can be custom-built for any application.

Dorner’s 2200 and 3200 Series are ideally suited to operate in industrial environments requiring robust material handling, as well as flexibility, automation, and accurate part movement over distance and time.

The 3200 Series modular conveyor and flat belt conveyors are designed to handle medium to heavy sized parts, while the 2200 Series Precision Move conveyor offers the latest advancements in timing belting and drive technology, and is ideal for applications that call for extremely accurate movement of product at specific times, distances, and intervals.

2200 and 3200 Series Conveyors are ideal for:

  • Parts Handling
  • Transfers
  • Accumulation
  • Precision Parts Movement
  • Automated and Manual Assembly
  • Positioning
  • Part Incline/Decline Routing (Z Frames)
  • High Speeds
  • Long Runs
  • Mainline Packaging

Dorner has removed all the guesswork that is often associated with specifying and ordering a flexible chain conveyor. By providing all the engineering tools and finished assemblies, Dorner enables customers to build complete 2200 and 3200 Series conveyor assemblies to their exact layout dimensions and view it in 3D within minutes.

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