This system features some of Dorner's most flexible solutions for packaging lines and elevation changes.

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incline decline conveyors - flexmove helix - Dorner

  • Infeed and outfeed may be positioned at any angle or height
  • Small footprint maximizes valuable floor space
  • Patented side roller chain reduces corner friction allowing for faster speeds and smooth product handling
  • Custom infeed and outfeed lengths allow the conveyor to extend beyond spiral, reducing the number of conveyors required

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  • Constructed with two parallel FlexMove conveyors
  • Utilizes specialty rubber cleated chain
  • Designed to move products securely between the production floor and other elevations
  • Ideal for environments requiring compact footprints, transitions between travel orientations, de-pucking operations and creating passageways on the production floor

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flat belt conveyors - Dorner 3200 Series Conveyor

  • Sleek design with high speed and heavy load capabilities
  • High performance chain provides a true low side conveyor
  • Allows up to 4 curves on a single conveyor

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Best For:

Canadian Mask Manufacturer to Increase Production with New Facility and FlexMove Conveyors

Discover how Canadian mask manufacturer, Breathe Medical Manufacturing, utilized the flexibility of FlexMove conveyors and were easily able to integrate them into their new 30,000 sq ft. production facility.

Custom Packaging Conveyors

Dorner is recognized as a leader in creating custom packaging solutions in-house for customers across the United States and around the world.

Our packaging conveyors can be customly designed to fit your business’ efficiency needs for orientation, rotation, standing up, laying down, 90-degree transfer and elevation.

Dorner’s flexible engineered solutions are custom-designed to fit the unique packaging needs of any industry application. Our experts are trained to help configure and design custom conveyors, helping guide you through the design process.