Welcome to Our Virtual Interpack Booth 2020

In response to the postponement of Interpack 2020, we have designed a virtual online booth to showcase the exciting products Dorner was planning to display at Interpack this year!

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Cutting-Edge Implementation

Our 2020 Interpack Booth was set to demonstrate how our products and solutions work together. Using a combination of conveyors and chutes, we would demonstrate a full run of a flexible package product line.

How It Works Together

Our booth was set to run a full production line of flexible packages, using the following solutions:

, Dorner Virtual Interpack Booth

FlexMove Conveyor

FlexMove Conveyors offer a flexible chain available in a variety of options. Improving functionality, production speed and accuracy while freeing up valuable floor space.

, Dorner Virtual Interpack Booth

2200 Series Conveyor

2200 Series conveyors are industry-leading low profile, high performance conveyors designed to save time and reduce maintenance. The industries first low profile V-Guided conveyor, eliminates startup belt tracking and keeps the belt running straight.

, Dorner Virtual Interpack Booth

AquaGard 7350 Conveyor

AquaGard 7350 sanitary conveyors feature a rugged and durable design perfect for fast and effective sanitation. Unique chain design provides capacity for up to 4 curves on a single conveyor

Benefits of Dorner’s Packaging Solutions:

To keep production flowing quickly and seamlessly, your conveyor systems and accessories need to operate at maximum efficiency. Among many of the industries Dorner serves, we offer customized Dorner packaging solutions that increase flexibility for more effective production and decreased waste.  The modular design of our packaging conveyors are ideal for any industry application and support future needs. They can help control product flow with the ability to merge, divert, route, and pace movement. Utilizing a Dorner packaging conveyor you have the ability to optimize labor assets, get accurate, consistent, safe product routing, and reduce product loss.

, Dorner Virtual Interpack Booth

Customize Your Solution with DTools

With DTools, you can create a custom solution with ease. Tell us about your application, and we will get you set up to design your new production equipment

Intuitive guides for conveyor builds

Part number generation and descriptions

Option to submit request for quotation

Save your configuration for 90 days

2D and 3D CAD drawings available to download


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