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Dorner’s manufacturing conveyors get your product to the exact location, in the exact position, at the exact time it needs to be there for the next phase in the process. Our conveyors are designed to handle all stages of the manufacturing process, from production and assembly through inspection and packing.
With an array of models available, you’ll find a manufacturing conveyor belt solution for small components and large boxes, for straight or curved paths, and for on the ground or overhead. In addition to our standard conveyor offerings, Dorner offers custom manufacturing solutions designed for your unique space and business needs.
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Conveyors for Peak Manufacturing Efficiency

With an automated material handling and industrial solution from Dorner’s complete line of industrial belted, modular belt and flexible chain conveyors in place, your business can speed up cumbersome processes or even reallocate your employees from tedious tasks to higher-priority ones. With the increased accuracy of automation, you’ll improve cost efficiency and reduce waste.

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2200 Series

Low profile, high performance conveyors. Industry best v-guiding provides positive belt tracking while precise rack and pinion allows for fast and simple belt tensioning. Durable, yet flexible in design these conveyors are best for small to medium part handling, precision movement, positioning, accumulation, part routing, assembly, and transfers.

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FlexMove conveyors are a customizable solution designed for tight spaces and also offer the flexibility to grow along with your needs. This series of material handling and industrial equipment can handle twists, multiple curves, inclines and declines on a single conveyor. FlexMove conveyors can also move products as small as 3 inches in diameter.

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Pallet Systems

Our pallet systems provide unique flexibility with extended benefits; line configurations range from dual strand, light weight and high capacity edge roller, and flexible chain conveyor options. Get accurate positioning and routing with our precision move and pallet systems, designed to streamline assembly processes and inspections. 

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What is a Manufacturing Conveyor?

No two production lines are exactly alike, and neither are manufacturing conveyor solutions. Custom-designed for each client’s specific needs, Dorner’s conveyor technology is the perfect solution for any product line, regardless of the industry. There are over 1,200 industries worldwide that use Dorner Conveyors for their automation needs. Each of these industries have different goals and applications, but rely on the most advanced automation system available for peak efficiency and performance.

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