3200 Series Support Stands & Accessories


Support Stands             Accessories

Fixed Height Support Stand

  • 4″ (102 mm) Height Adjustment
  • Provides most access to outside T-Slots
  • Includes height indicator
  • Full width is top plate on 12″ wide stands only




Adjustable Height Support Stand

  • Up to 18″ height adjustment range
  • Includes height indicator
  • Full width is top plate on 12″ wide stands only





Short Support Stand

  • For top belt heights below 20″
  • Full width is top plate on 12″ wide stands only





Quick Adjust Stand

  • Metric fasteners
  • ± 3″ (76 mm) height adjustment
  • Allows for quick height adjustment
  • Tool-less lock and adjustment handles





Fully Adjustable Support Stand

  • Provides maximum height adjustment range
  • Conveyor is located between stand legs






Support Post Stand

  • ± 2″ height adjustment
  • Compatible with 2″-12″ wide conveyors
  • Mounting configuration: ± 30° angle mount
  • Equipped with a steel base plate for floor mounting
  • Stand must be lagged to the floor
  • Top of belt heights:
    • Minimum = 20″ (508 mm)
    • Maximum = 97″ (2,464 mm)
    • Available in 1″ (25 mm) height increments


3200 Support Accessories



Cantilever Stand Mount

  • Widths: 2″ (51 mm) to 24″ (610 mm) available in 1″ increments
  • Conveyors up to 6″ wide are supported with a single cantilever bracket
  • Conveyors 8″ and wider include a pivoting outboard support post
  • Mounts the conveyor from one side only for quick maintenance of the conveyor belt
  • Models
    • Table top bracket
    • Support stand mount bracket




Cleated Belt Stand Mounting Bracket





Flat Belt Stand Mounting Bracket







Adjustable Tie Bracket

  • Compatible with steel and aluminum support stands
  • Secure critical stand and conveyor locations
  • Length (L) adjusts +0″, -11.25″ (286 mm)
  • Includes metric mounting hardware


Common Mount Kit

  • Stand accessory for mounting multiple conveyors in parallel to one stand
  • Adds 2.179″ (55 mm) to stand height
  • Adds 2.79″ (71 mm) to overall stand width



Diagonal Bracing

  • For use on steel, aluminum and single post support stands with casters
  • Metric fastener mounting hardware included
  • For use on all stands with casters and any stands over 72″ (1829 mm) tall
  • One brace per stand for conveyors up to 24″ wide (610 mm)
  • Two braces per stand for conveyors over 24″ wide (610 mm)



Fine Adjustment Kit

  • Provides fine height adjustment via a threaded bolt
  • For use with Fixed Height Stands




Tall Support Stand Outriggers

Tall Stands are the Fixed Height and Adjustable Height Stands as shown with additional outrigger support for added stability. These outriggers are required when the height of the stand exceeds 3.5x its width, and they add 16″ to stand width. Tall stands over 6′ tall include diagonal bracing.