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  • Clamping Module with Photo Sensor
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Benefits of the Clamping Module:

  • Pneumatic clamping actuator, mounted on both sides of the conveyor, holds back and paces product
  • Ability to pace products back to back
  • Ideal for totes, boxes, bottles and square, round, and rectangular containers
  • Product must be able to withstand some back pressure and squeezing force
  • Requires photo sensors, pneumatic solenoid valves, wiring, and programming
  • Rate depends on product size. Contact factory for details

Features & Specifications:

  • Available on FlexMove Aluminium Conveyors: FS (65 mm), FM (85 mm), FC (105 mm), FL (150 mm), FU (180 mm) and FV (260 mm)
  • Max. single product weight: 2.3 Kg (5 lbs.)
  • Max. product accumulation weight: 13.6 Kg (30 lbs.)
  • Specify product width at time of ordering
  • Specify centerline of clamping actuator above conveyor chain at time of ordering
  • Max. conveyor speed: 50 m/min (164 ft/min)
  • Produces gap of approximately one product length
  • Includes mounting for photo sensor with 18 mm barrel

Clamping Diagram

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FlexMove Clamping Module