Popup Stop Module

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The wide pop-up stopper unit are developed to stop product
movement which is wider than conveyor width.


  • Supported accumulation load: Up to 60kg.
  • Maximum conveyor speed: up to 40m/min.
  • Available for conveyor width: 45mm, 65mm,
    85mm,105mm,150mm,180mm & 260mm.
  • Best work with FlexMove plain chain.
  • Using pneumatic system.
  • Can be used as product spacer.
  • Can be operate without sensor.
  • Low maintenance.

• Ø6mm tubing speed controller
• Operating air pressure range: 0.5~0.6MPa
• Air consumption: 0.01m3 per minute

(Calculation based on tubing length of 1.5m & Number of
cycles of 180 times per hour)

Transfer Diagram

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