Puck/Package Divert Module

  • Pneumatic one-to-two lane diverter
  • Product guiding is available as needed for the application
  • Tunnel guarding before and after divert required by others
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Benefits of the Puck/Package Divert Module:

  • Pneumatic one-to-two lane diverter
  • Compatible with round or rectangular packages or pucks
  • Product can run back to back or paced for individual product divert
  • UHMW divert arms for non-marking divert surface
  • Includes flow controls with push-in air line connection

Features & Specs:

  • Available on FlexMove Aluminum Conveyors: FS (65 mm), FM (85 mm), FC (105 mm), FL (150 mm), FU (180 mm), and FV (260 mm)
  • Product must be able to stand unsupported
  • Min. single product weight: 0.2 kg (0.45 lbs)
  • Max. single product weight: 5 kg (11 lbs)
  • Max. product height: 150 mm (5.9 in)
  • Max. product width: chain width (example: FM 85 mm)

Operating Requirements:

  • Requires photo sensors, pneumatic solenoid valves, wiring and programming
    • Rate depends on product size. Contact factory for details

Design View

Pneumatic one-to-two lane divert

Tunnel guarding before and after divert required by others


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FlexMove Puck/Package Diverter Module