AquaPruf Modular Belt Types


Friction Inserts

Available for incline applications. Inserts may be placed along entire length of the belt or spaced on 51 mm (2 in),
102 mm (4 in), 152 mm (6 in) or 305 mm (12 in) centers.

Friction inserts are indented 51 mm (2 in) from each belt edge.








Flat Top Belts

Provide a very closed surface for complete product support, easy wiping.









Flush Grid Belts

Provide an open surface for better drainage, cleaning or air flow/cooling.









Curve Belts

Provide a tight radius, space saving corner. Side tabs ensure positive belt tracking with a flush top design. Reduces number of drives.



Cleated Belts

Provide a sturdy cleat for elevation at steep inclines. Cleats available in in 25 mm (1 in) and 76 mm (3 in) heights.