Stainless Steel Support Stands

Aluminum Support Stands

AquaGard Support Stands

AquaPruf Stainless Steel Stands


  • Welded tubular stainless steel construction
  • Provides 4″ (102mm) of height adjustment
  • Stand Widths: 10″ – 18″ (254mm – 457mm)
  • Stand Heights: 13″ – 74″ (330mm – 1880mm) without casters
  • Stand Heights: 18″ – 74″ (330mm – 1880mm) with casters





AquaGard Sanitary Mounting Brackets

Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets Only

  • Used to mount the conveyor to customer supplied stands or other surfaces.









AquaGard Sanitary Belt Return Rollers

Sanitary Belt Return Rollers Only

  • Provide belt support in areas where the belt might otherwise come in contact with another surface. For 8″ to 48″ wide conveyors.