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We are sad we won’t be able to see you in person this fall, but are still looking forward to sharing the latest advances in conveyor integration and automation. Take a look at the resources below to further learn more about Dorner Conveyors and how our systems can seamlessy integrate and improve your process. 


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For over 50 years Dorner has manufactured industry-leading custom conveyor systems to solve industrial, packaging, and sanitary conveyor needs. More recently the integration between robotics and conveyors has brought a much higher level of automation to a variety of applications. Looking beyond 2020, the collaborative effort is only going to get stronger as robotics become easier to program and more cost-effective to update. Ultimately, there’s no better time to embrace the integration of robotics and conveyors.

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When it comes to fitting your unique conveyor needs, Dorner has the solution.

ERT for automation


No need to sacrifice production speed for precision. You can have both. The unique design behind our systems gives them the competitive advantage when it comes to increasing efficiency and decreasing downtime.



Robotic applications require product to be in an exact location, in an exact position, at an exact time. Doing that successfully requires a conveyor system that's efficient, reliable, and engineered to work with robots. Take control with precision move technology.



Dorner's 2200 Series conveyors are a certified UR+ Solution partner that simplify robot and conveyor integration for a variety of automated applications. These low-profile, high performance conveyors serve a variety of applications

Picking a Winner - Case Study

Pennsylvania-based Farason Corporation specializes in the design and build of custom machinery and systems for assembly, manufacturing and packaging processes.

When their engineers were faced with finding an effective way to place several thousand coins into coin presentation cases they stepped up to the challenge.The job involved picking and orientating coins for placement into coin presentation case inserts and then assembling the inserts with the remaining presentation case top and bottom lens.

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With DTools, you can create a custom solution with ease. Tell us about your application, and we will get you set up to design your new production equipment.

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