5 Important Facts About Dorner’s Recirculating Tables

, 5 Important Facts About Dorner’s Recirculating Tables

See our recirculating tables in action at the end of the post!

1.  They enable product lines to keep pace with machine outputs.

Along a manufacturing line, products may back up in different places, triggering slowdowns, backups and even causing the whole line to shut down. Recirculating conveyors can help prevent having to stop a line or redirect products by creating a space to accumulate products and manage flow to the next process.

2.  They are ideal for delicate products.

Recirculating tables provide low back pressure accumulation which decreases the rate of damaged and broken product.

3.  They can provide simple product singulation.

After the product is accumulated on the table, they can easily be singulated for the next phase of production using guides and gates.

4.  They are customized for your product.

Every recirculating table is designed by Dorner’s Engineered Solutions Team to fit the needs of your specific product and application based on product weight, shape, material, speed requirements and other factors

5.  They use multiple conveyors.

Recirculating tables are constructed by placing two or more conveyors adjacent to one another. These conveyors’ belts move in opposite directions, allowing for a continuous item flow.



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