Cleanroom Verified Medical and Pharmaceutical Conveyors to Speed Up Your Process

Are changing demands impacting your business? Dorner’s variety of medical and pharmaceutical conveyors are cleanroom verified and designed to keep your products and customers safe. And some are even available to ship in as few as 3 business days!

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Medical Products Require Medical Conveyors

Whether you’re looking for a conveyor to transport sterile surgical instruments or boxing bandages, Dorner has a solution to fit your unique needs. Our industry-leading sanitary and aluminum frame conveyor platforms offer the precision and efficiency required to get your medical product to the next phase of production.

, Transforming Medical Conveyor Automation

1100 Series Conveyors

When the need for sanitary environments are no longer needed, Dorner offers a full line of aluminum frame conveyors for packaging and other manufacturing needs. Our 1100 series line of conveyors are perfect for the medical products industry. With their miniature frame size and tight transfer ability they are ideal for moving small products produced in the medical industry.

, Transforming Medical Conveyor Automation

AquaPruf Conveyors

Dorner’s 7400 AquaPruf® conveyor is great for applications where sanitation is key. The 7400 is designed to easily disassemble for quick and complete cleaning. Some features of the 7400 Series include tip-up tails and belt lifters for complete access of the conveyor, rounded cross members for drainage, stainless steel frame construction, and UHMW removable wear strips.

, Transforming Medical Conveyor Automation

ERT250 Conveyors

Reliable and adaptable edge roller platform for the conveyance of medical and cleanroom-based product assembly. These conveyors feature an open drive roller design with aluminum frames, with non-contact zoning and/or slip roller accumulation capability. Additionally, ERT 250 Conveyors are ISO Class 4 verified for cleanroom applications.

, Transforming Medical Conveyor Automation

2200 Series Conveyors ship in as little as 3 days

Dorner’s 2200 Series are low profile, high performance, cleanroom certified conveyors. Industry best v-guiding provides positive belt tracking while precise rack and pinion belt tensioning allows for fast and simple tensioning. Durable, yet flexible in design these conveyors are best for small to medium part handling, precision part movement, positioning, accumulation, part incline/decline routing, automated and manual assembly, and transfers. 

Watch a Custom Conveyor System for Medical Devices in Action

This particular system was designed for moving medical devices that couldn’t be transported directly on a conveyor due to their flexible shape. We created a system using Dorner’s FlexMove conveyors and 2200 Series Precision Move Pallet conveyors that allowed for a more delicate travel on pallets.

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