Safety is Our Highest Priority

Safety is Our Highest Priority

Conveyor Solutions for Peak Safety

Dorner is committed to providing safe, quality conveyor equipment for any operation. With new risks for processing employees due to COVID-19, safety is now more important than ever. It is equally important to have processing equipment that allows you to keep your operation running safely.

When we say safety we mean it. Our conveyors are specially engineered with your product, customers, and employees’ welfare in mind. That’s why Dorner has, and always will design our conveyors to be safe, efficient, and durable. 

Dorner’s AquaPruf Conveyors are an ideal conveyor solution for operations that needs to be sanitary and adaptable. With optional accessory mounting bars, tables and partitions can easily be added and moved without the need for tools. FlexMove conveyor’s flexible nature makes them perfect for safely integrating with other conveyors and machinery. Additionally, our 2200 Series is a versatile platform designed for many applications and industries while maintaining peak safety and efficiency.

If your business needs to grow or pivot quickly, read our Safety is Our Highest Priority infographic and discover our range of conveyor solutions that enable you to increase safety and maximize production, while cultivating the same level of excellence you desire for all of your products.