Our Commitment to Food Safety

Our Commitment to
Food Safety

Dorner is committed to providing safe, quality conveyor equipment for any operation. We’re improving food hygiene standards and increasing your OEE with our cutting edge handling machinery. Our systems are easy to clean and disassemble, hygienically designed, and most importantly, safe to use.

Our Five-step Approach
Toward Food Safety


1Hygienic Design



2 Ease of Sanitation



3 Effective Sanitation



4 Ease of Disassembly



5 Operator Safety


Hygienic Design

With our hygienic design, your specific production requirements can be achieved while meeting the most stringent sanitation requirements. Our machines are certified, application proven, and simple to sanitize. Regardless of your industry, you can be confident in your product handling equipment. Our designs include:

Three sanitary levels configured to your unique application

No areas where product can accumulate

Minimal horizontal surfaces

BISSC and USDA Red Meat and Poultry Certified equipment

Smooth, completely sealed welds

Ease of Sanitation

Dorner conveyors are developed with fast, tool-less access to the conveyor frame for twice the clean-up speed of the competition. Sanitation is simple with our:

Removeable Wear Strips

Belt Lifters

Frame Cut-Outs &
Tip-Up Tails

Effective Sanitation

To optimize the cleaning process, Dorner conveyor systems are expertly designed with an open, stainless steel frame. Our patented sprocket alignment key moves and realigns the sprocket quickly to decrease sanitation time. Other sanitation safeguards include:

No Exposed Threads

Solid Cross Members

Welded Standoffs

Threadless SS Support Stand Feet


Easy Disassembly

Not only do our conveyors allow for faster sanitation, but the simplicity of our hygienic design decreases assembly time and increases OEE. The disassembly time required to prepare for cleaning is less than three minutes and can be accomplished simply by:

Operator Safety

At Dorner, operator safety is as important as food safety, so our conveyors are engineered and designed to industry safety standards. Our five-step plan was developed with your dedicated employees in mind and our conveyors are engineered and designed to industry safety standards.

Safety & Sanitary
Standards Above the Rest

Dorner’s AquaGard & AquaPruf sanitary conveyors are engineered to promote hygienic design while meeting the sanitary standards of the Baking Industry Sanitary Standards Committee (BISSC), National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), 3A, USDA and other FDA regulations. Download our Food Safety white paper to learn more.

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