Shipping Policy and Information

Shipping Policy

Dorner Mfg. Corp. uses UPS shipping as its parcel shipper of choice and XPO Logistics or Standard Forwarding as its LTL/Truck carriers. Dorner will also process your purchase order using your specified shipping account if requested on the purchase order.
  • Purchase orders received by Dorner Mfg. Corp. for domestic shipments that do not specify a shipping carrier at receipt of order will be shipped via UPS Prepay & Add (PP&A) for parcel shipments.  LTL shipments will ship XPO or Standard Forwarding Prepay & add depending on destination zip code.
  • Purchase orders received by Dorner Mfg. Corp. for international shipments that do not specify a shipping carrier at receipt of order will be shipped via UPS Prepay & Add (PPA) Free Carrier (FCA), Hartland, WI. Freight shipments wil be chosen depending on the countries location. These shipments will ship Prepay & Add (PP&A) Free Carrier (FCA), Hartland, WI.
All purchase orders will be processed with either your carrier or Dorner Mfg. Corp. Best Way carrier and acknowledged.  The customer has the responsibility of ensuring the carrier information is correct and complete. Orders with incomplete or incorrect carrier information will be billed for a PP&A shipment. Note: Dorner receives volume discounts from XPO, Standard Forwarding and UPS as large volume carriers. Also, Dorner cannot ship any hazardous material international or domestic.  We only ship products we are licensed by law to ship.  Any hazardous material must be shipped from the licensed vendor.  This policy is for customers, distributors and inter-company shipments.
All international customers must provide customs broker on purchase orders.  Dorner Mfg. Corp. will not take responsibility for any custom clearance fees, duties or taxes associated with the importation of our products, except for warranty orders, which will ship Delivered Duty Paid (DDP). The customer must specify a customs broker on their purchase order for customs clearance.
  • Correct ship to address, contact name, phone number and email
  • Correct us of parcel vs LTL based on Dorner matrix
  • Shipping method and account number for parcel if not using Dorner preferred carrier
Estimates are provided to help with preparing shipments prior to final exact weight and dimensions being available.  Dorner Mfg. Corp. takes NO responsibility for changes in freight cost or size of shipments from the original estimate to the exact weight and dimensions.  Shipping costs change frequently due to many different factors (gas, availability, etc.)  Actual weights and dimensions will gladly be provided once packaging is complete.
We offer 3 different methods for shipping.
  1. Preferred: Prepay & add/Best Way-We will ship on our account via one of our preferred carriers and pass along our volume discount to the customer
  2. Collect-shipping on our customers account with their preferred carrier.
  3. Third party-Shipping on distributors account to their customer, this service is for domestic shipments only.
Please note when shipping collect or third party all freight claims are to be handled by account owner and Dorner accepts no responsibility to file damage or lost freight claims.  In the event an order ships third party international, ALL SHIPPING AND CUSTOM CHARGES ARE THAT OF THE ACCOUNT HOLDER.  If these charges ae refused or account is invalid, charges and penalties will be invoiced to the appropriate party.
For information on a missing or lost package please call Dorner Client Service at (800) 397-8664 Please have your 6 digit Dorner sales order number or purchase order number available at the time of the call.
All shipping time frames are estimated and provided by carriers whether LTL or parcel unless a guaranteed service is requested
All shipping information should be provided at the time of submitting PO’s (LTL and Parcel).  If this information is incomplete Dorner Mfg. Corp. will ship Prepay & add/Best way on our account and pass on our discount to the customer but will not make any concession on freight due to incomplete information on submitted PO’s.  Our goal is to provide the fastest and safest delivery to our customers and distributors.
All address changes must be submitted before the scheduled ship date to avoid an address change fee:
  • Changes made on shipping date: Most orders are crated on the shipping date. Please call for a quote of charges for same day changes (i.e. parcel = $25 per order or LTL = $50 per crate/skid)
  • If a change is needed after an order has shipped: An order with address changes and reroutes, will add a rerouting fee of $150 along with any other additional charges incurred from the carrier.

Benefits of Shipping with Dorner

Expedite Order Policy

We appreciate your need for fast and efficient delivery of our conveyors for your project, therefore we offer an expedite service only for orders placed with Dorner, Hartland, WI. 

This policy is specific to expediting ship dates. Our ability to expedite is dependent on the complexity of the order, the number of requests being made, and available inventory whether at Dorner or through one of our suppliers.

Please Note: We cannot guarentee any lead time improvement on standard products that already include a 3 day lead time or less in DTools

Fee Schedule

To Request an Expedite

Once this information is received, we will send a request to our operations team. Within 24 hours we will respond with a yes and the expedite fee, or a no and the standard lead time date.

In the event we miss your expedited ship date your fee will be refunded 100%

*The expedite fee does not qualify for distributor discounting. If you feel a processing or handling charge is required with the expedite transaction, it is suggested this processing fee be valued at 10% or less of the final expedite fee. (Ex. $1,000 expedite fee would incur a $100 processing charge IF you believe it is required in the sales process.)

Purchase Order Necessary Information

In an on-going effort to provide best-in-class support to our customers, we ask that the information below be provided to assist orders in being
processed, shipped, and delivered in an efficient and timely manner.

*Include contact name, email, and phone number

*Include approved discount if applicable

*Include contact name, phone number, and email of carrier. If international please supply broker information.

*If no account number or carrier is specified order will ship prepay and add per Dorner’s selected carrier

Once this information is received, Dorner will proceed with the order and a confirmation will be submitted. If you have any questions, please contact us!

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