PACK EXPO 2021- Booth Preview 2

, PACK EXPO 2021- Booth Preview 2

In the weeks leading up to PACK EXPO 2021 we’re giving you previews of all the displays you will be able to see in Booth C-1455 this year! If you missed the first preview last week view it here.

We’re currently putting the finishing touches on our displays and getting them ready to head to Las Vegas, NV. One of the displays we are sending to the show is our Package Handling Loop.

This loop includes two FlexMove® Twist conveyors, a 2200 Series nose-over squeeze conveyor, a 3200 Series bottomless squeezing conveyor, and two 3200 Series conveyors with Activated Roller Belt™(ARB™) Technology; a patent protected technology of Intralox.

The FlexMove Twist uses two FlexMove Conveyors to turn a product up to 90 degrees per conveyor pair.

FlexMove Twist features include:

  • Positively control the product during rotation
  • Provides product rotation for access to multiple sides of packages
  • No change over- can handle multiple package sizes at the same time
  • No product guiding required
  • Products do not need to be gapped or spaced
  • In-line transfers

The 2200 Series nose-over squeeze is a pacing conveyor featuring a FlexMove common mount. The 2200 Series conveyors are run at a slower speed than the mainline FlexMove which creates a gap between products.

The demo loop showcases two 3200 Series with ARB Technology. With passive and active belt options, these conveyors transfer the boxes 90 degrees, rotate the box using a bump turn and justify the product to prepare it for the next stage.

The ARB technology features and benefits include:, PACK EXPO 2021- Booth Preview 2

  • Flexibility to handle multiple product sizes without the need for changeover
  • Minimizes floor space consumption
  • Increase system reliability
  • Eliminates costly system controls, reducing complexity
  • Encased moving parts provide safer work environments

The final portion of the loop features a 3200 Series bottomless squeeze conveyor. The bottomless conveyor design allows for access to the underside of packages or processes such as taping, labeling and/or inspection without the need to turn the product.

Check back for our third preview featuring our Sanitary Loop!

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