Food Handling Conveyors for Fast, Effective Sanitation

Consumer safety. Industry compliance. Production time. You have a lot to think about when investing in your conveyor system. Dorner’s precision hygienic conveyor lines, AquaGard and AquaPruf, are designed for fast, safe and effective sanitation and protection from contamination.
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Lowest Level of Sanitation Required
Highest Level of Sanitation Required

Sanitary Solutions

Dorner is committed to providing safe, quality conveyor equipment for any operation. We’re improving food hygiene standards and increasing your OEE with our cutting edge handling machinery. Our systems are easy to clean and disassemble, hygienically designed, and most importantly, safe to use.


A 304 stainless-steel frame open design means minimal horizontal surfaces, and tip-up tails allow for easy access inside for cleaning and maintenance. Its chain was designed to eliminate friction, increase capacity and maintain safety. In fact, it’s the safest in the industry, with openings less than 4 mm, even on curves.


Move product along while maintaining strict sanitary requirements with AquaPruf Series Conveyors. Designed with the most stringent of food sanitation requirements in mind, these conveyors feature tip-up tails, frame cut-outs and belt lifters for fast cleaning and product changeover, quick sanitation, decreased downtime and maximized production

AquaPruf Ultimate

The Ultimate Series has been engineered for fast & effective sanitation in the most demanding environments. These include facilities where food safety is crucial such as: RTE foods, raw protein (meat – poultry – fish), dairy and other environments with high pressure sanitation requirements. AquaPruf Ultimate conveyors meet USDA, NSF & AMI design specifications.

What Makes a Food Handling Conveyor?

The goal of a sanitary conveyor is to, as best as possible, eliminate any chance of contamination. By their very nature, conveyors are an excellent source of contamination; especially on the processing side where raw food and ingredients are being moved. A sanitary conveyor works to eradicate those areas where contamination can happen, however, all applications are different and require their own level of sanitation. Learn more about what you need to know to select the right conveyor platform for your application.

Five-Step Approach Toward Food Safety

  • Hygienic Design
  • Ease of Sanitation
  • Effective Sanitation
  • Ease of Disassembly
  • Operator Safety

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