3200 Modular Belt Conveyors

  • 3200 Series Modular Belt Options
    With a sleek design, heavy load and high speed capabilities, and the option for up to 4 curves.
  • 3200 Series Modular Belt Curve Options
    The 3200 Modular Belt Conveyor can have up to 4 curves on a single conveyor.
  • 3200 Series Modular Belt Nosebar Transfer
    Optional Nose Bar tail available at either end for small part transfers.
  • 3200 Series Modular Belt Power Transfer
    Optional powered transfer allows for smooth end transfers for products as small as 3” in diameter
  • 3200 Series Modular Belt Frame Styles
    Available in either a T-Slot of SmartSlot style frame. (SmartSlot shown in picture)
  • The 3200 Modular Belt Conveyor can have up to 4 curves on a single conveyor.
  • 3200 Weighted Take-up
    Compact weighted take-up designed to prevent catenary sag and eliminate potential pinch points.
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Benefits of 3200 Series Modular Belt Conveyors:

  • Flush tail design locates bearing inside frame to fit in tight spaces
  • All belts fully contained in UHMW guiding for maintenance free tracking
  • Patented sprocket alignment key for worry free belt maintenance
  • Dual t-slot or patented Smart Slots® for flexibility and clean sided applications
  • Inboard type frame connection joint improves strength while keeping t-slots open
  • Stand mounts lock in into the frame for strength and durability, yet movable anywhere along frame length
  • Optional integrated power transfers for small part handling
  • Flexible belt containment system allows for tab or bearing retention method for up to 4 corner modules
Sizes & Measurements
  • Belt widths: 6″ (152 mm) to 48″ (1219 mm)
  • Conveyor lengths: 36″ (914 mm) to 999″ (25,375 mm)
Loads & Speeds
  • Loads up to 1000 lbs (455 kg)
  • Belt speeds up to 400 ft/min (122 m/min)
Conveyor Configurations
  • Straight
  • Z-Frame
  • Curve
  • Nose-Over
  • Horizontal to Incline
Belt Types:
  • Flat Top
  • Flush Grid
  • Friction Inserts
  • Cleated
  • Roller Top
  • Precision Move Precision Move with Fixtures
Curved Modular Belt Types
  • Basic Single Curve
  • Low Backpressure Roller Top Curve
  • Friction Insert Curve
  • High Strength Tab Curve
  • High Strength Bearing Curve

Manuals & Literature

Engineering Manuals Pages File Size
3200 Series Engineering Manual 112 11.68 MB
Literature Pages File Size
3200 Series Brochure 6 1.72 MB