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Benefits of 2200 Series Precision Move Series Driven Conveyors



  • Link multiple conveyors with 1 drive
  • Adjustable angle from 0° to 25°
  • Variety of timing belt ratios available
    • 1:1, 1.27:1, 1.75:1, 2:1 can be used to speed or slow down the conveyor
  • Can not be used with cleated belt applications
  • Change belt types on each conveyor
  • Includes tie plates, pulley kit, tension adjustment and guard
  • Maximum number of conveyors = 3
  • Save money by using less drives
  • Pull or close gaps between product
  • Flexibility to create your solution
  • Utilize low, high friction belts, and/or multiple speeds in a single configuration



Manuals & Literature

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Engineering Manuals Pages File Size
2200/2700 Series Engineering Manual 122 7.8 MB


Literature Pages File Size
2200 Series Brochure 2 1 MB
 Flexible Packaging Brochure  5  3 MB


Standard Specials Specification Sheet Pages File Size
2200 Series Common Drive Package 6  645 MB