90 and 180 Degree Corner Conveyor

  • 180 Degree Corner
  • Pallet Accumulation Around Corner
  • Support post mounts directly to conveyor.
  • Pin Tracking Bearing Cams smoothly guide the pallets around corner
  • Universal T-Slot compatible with industry standard 10 mm hardware
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  • 90 and 180 degree corners
  • Standard pallet widths: 320 mm, 400 mm, 480 mm, 640 mm and 800 mm wide
  • Load Capacity: Up to 114 kg (250 lbs) per pallet
  • Up to 37 m/min (121 ft/min)
  • Maintains pallet orientation around corner
  • Requires pin tracking compatibility in pallet
  • Pallet accumulation around corner is acceptable
  • Brushless DC gearmotor and controller.
    • 90 degree has 2 gearmotors, 1 controller
    • 180 degree has 3 gearmotors, 2 controllers
  • Bi-directional
  • Clear anodized aluminum framing
  • Electrically conductive acetal rollers
  • ISO Class 4 Cleanroom Verified*
  • Pallet length must be at or less then pallet width. For larger rectangular pallet sizes contact factory.

*To verify clean room requirements, an unloaded base conveyor was tested and did not generate particulate that would be beyond the specified standards.  However, the verification does not provide assurance that any or all applications will meet this requirement.  Application testing is recommended to ensure clean room standards are being met.  Dorner takes no responsibility in the clean room performance of the final conveyor or application.

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