Lift and Transfer

  • Lift and Transfer Module
  • Lift and Transfer Module with Pallet
  • Guarding Package and Pallet Sensor
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  • 2 position lift and transfer
    • Up position transfers pallet on/off transverse conveyor
    • Down position lowers the transfer conveyor below feed conveyor
    • Indexing motor on feed conveyor is used to position incoming pallet for sending applications, eliminating pallet stops
  • Includes ERT 250 Series Transfer Conveyor
    • 38 mm (1.5 in) diameter rollers on 50 mm (1.97 in) centers
    • Load Capacity: Up to 114 kg (250 lbs) per pallet
    • Up to 37 m/min (121 ft/min)
    • Driven rollers
    • Brushless DC gearmotor and controller
    • Bi-directional and reversing
  • 63 mm diameter pneumatic lift cylinder provided for pallet widths up to 400 mm. 80 mm diameter pneumatic lift cylinder provided for pallet widths 480 to 800 mm. Includes air fittings for ¼ inch push in air line. Solenoid valves, flow control and plumbing not provided.
  • Lift cylinder includes magnetic piston for position sensing. Sensors not provided
  • Lift Capacity:
    • 114 kg (250 lb) for pallet width 320 to 400 mm wide
    • 182 kg (400 lb) for pallet width 480 to 800 mm wide
  • Pallet transfers over conveyor side frame. 10 mm (0.40 in) height change required
  • Optional guarding package available

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 ERT250 Brochure  4 3.9 MB
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ERT250 Engineering Manual 48 14.8 MB